Competency-Based Education

teacher and student

Since 1978, CCA has offered small classes and an individualized, self-paced educational program in a relaxed yet controlled learning atmosphere. CCA knows its students and the environments from which they come and uses that knowledge to motivate the students and ensure a solid basic academic program through family centered learning. There is mutual respect between students and teachers. 

Youth Connection Charter School (YCCS) has developed a competency-based educational framework and blended learning curriculum to ensure rigorous instruction, highly engaging learning environments and precise expectations for students for graduation. Competency-based education focuses on the outcomes of the learning process and addresses what the student should “know” and “do” upon completion of the curriculum. YCCS developed the educational framework for creating the engaging learning environments needed to ensure all instruction would be tailored to meet the needs of all students. Termed the “3 + 1 Framework”, it comprises four components: 

Defined high school courses, including virtual learning; 

- Applications for an active learning environment, which promotes problem-based learning; 
- Interventions for struggling students, with progress monitoring; and
- Post-secondary activities and strategies, including dual enrollment.
- Graduation requirements are based on competency standards and are aligned with entrance requirements for postsecondary institutions.


CCA requires 18 credits to graduate and is designed for retrieved dropout or frequent transfer students. Students must achieve proficiency in core subjects and other classes in their track including state requirements. Also, to be eligible to graduate, students must complete job and college applications (including writing essays); participate in college, career, and work tours; earn a minimum of three credits from CCA; read one book and complete a book report and memorize and recite two poems for each semester enrolled, take the ACT/SAT exam, be accepted into at least two colleges, and complete 80 hours of community service.