Educational Philosophy

Since 1978, CCA has offered small classes and an individualized, self-paced educational program in a relaxed yet controlled learning atmosphere. CCA knows its students and the environments from which they come and uses that knowledge to motivate the students and ensure a solid basic academic program through family centered learning. There is mutual respect between students and teachers. 

Small personalized classes are the norm and afford high levels of student-teacher interaction. Small classes also allow teachers to maximize differentiated learning to accommodate each student’s academic needs and learning styles. This interaction continues in the lunchroom where students and teachers eat together and through teacher-guided extracurricular activities. Teachers see themselves as learners and teachers. Team teaching, team learning, and peer tutoring (where student mastery is achieved by having a student teach their peers while honing their own skills) are emphasized. CCA also offers on-line learning and tutorials. Teachers spend 4-5 hours a week tutoring, counseling, and coaching students.