Simple Joy's Shop


A message from the CEO

Welcome to CCA’s Simple Joys! We hope you like our soaps and notecards.

One of CCA’s founding principles was to teach students to be independent and self-sufficient. Within months of the school opening in 1978, students opened an on-site bookstore on the second floor of the school. (We moved to our present location in 1988.) Their first lesson was: location matters! Entrepreneurship classes began at the same time.

Soon afterwards CCA began marketing student’s artwork and literary creations. Over the years, student products have evolved to connect with our Urban Agriculture/Sustainability theme. Students have produced and sold hand-crafted candles, essential oils, lip balms, notecards featuring their artwork and garden photography, organic bath scrubs and soaps, paper from milkweed, tee shirt designs, DIY hydroponic growing kits, raw honey, tilapia fry and vegetable seedlings.

Products are produced by CCA students and graduates. CCA continues to provide students opportunities to learn, self-actualize and change their world and ours.


Simple Joys Shop is open seasonally during our annual fundraiser in March.